first_imgThe NCAA Tournament is ready to get underway.  For the Mid Majors, those schools that are not in a major conference like the Big Ten, this tournament means everything if you get in.  Here is where those year-end conference tournaments take their toll.  Of the first ten conference tourneys held, seven of the season conference champs went down to defeat.It is not the conference champ that gets the automatic bid.  The automatic bid goes to the season-ending tournament champion in most cases.  What this means for the Mid Majors is that conference season champ most likely will not get a bid to the NCAA Tournament unless they had a phenomenal season.  It is not the case with the major conference leagues whereas as many as 6-8 teams make the Big Dance.I know that they are not going to take two teams from these conferences, so the Mid Majors must put all of their effort into the season-ending tournament.  This means that they play as many as 16 games in their conference through the year that really mean nothing to the NCAA Selection Committee.  I wish I had the answer, because I know the extra bids will always go to the bigger schools.last_img

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