first_imgSANTINO FONTANA (Moss Hart in Act One)”Your mom’s house.” ADAM JACOBS (Aladdin in Aladdin)”At the bottom of the ocean, about 65 feet down while scuba diving (taking your respirator out is a little nuts but they make you do it in training anyway).”BRYCE PINKHAM (Monty in A Gentleman’s Guide)”In a cow pasture, surrounded by bovine onlookers…very romantic!” KARINE PLANTADIT (Performer in After Midnight) “In Venice at 14 years old. He was a fine Italian teenager who followed me and my family for an entire afternoon while we were visiting. We finally kissed at sunset behind a door as he grabbed my hand, pulling me away from my family…SUPER ROMANTIC.”LIANA HUNT (Katherine in Newsies)”On stage! It’s kind of weird to kiss people on stage, right? I’ve kissed a good amount of people on stage.” JARROD SPECTOR (Barry Mann in Beautiful)”Wait, do you mean body part or location?” In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re spending the entire week grilling your favorite Broadway stars about their love lives. First, we got a bunch of them to spill about their childhood crushes (Sorry Santino, but Eggo Waffles do not count as a crush), and the results were both educational and hilarious. Today, we’re asking Kelli O’Hara, Adam Jacobs, Liana Hunt and more about the craziest places they’ve ever locked lips. Check out their answers below!KELLI O’HARA (Francesca in The Bridges of Madison County)”At 12,000 feet, just before I jumped out of a plane.” MARY MICHAEL PATTERSON (Christine in Phantom)”‘On a zip line in Jamaica. Definitely.”center_img Check back all week long for more Valentine’s Day surprises! View Comments Star Files Adam Jacobslast_img read more