first_img– ROBERT HOUSTON Torrance Don’t reward the lenders Our government seems to be taking the wrong fork in the road. We are going to reward lenders for making simply awful loans. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is lowering interest rates again. This in effect says we don’t value those who save, plan and sacrifice for what they think is important. Moreover, for the last year all I have heard from the candidates is who is going to give me the most stuff. This isn’t the country I grew up in and read about! Where is John Galt when you need him? – EMERSON DAWSON Hermosa Beach Practice makes perfect In his Comment page column on Thursday, Thomas Sowell recounts as to why so many shots are fired by civilians and police with limited accuracy. He also states his own experience as a Marine Corps shooting trainer to further explain the lack of accuracy, even on the pistol range, where it was common for shooters to miss not only the bull’s eye but the whole target, which was equivalent to a man’s torso. I do not disagree with his thesis that police frequently miss more often than they hit their target within a range of 6 feet (57 percent to 43 percent). Further, only 7 percent of hits at a distance of 75 feet are reported by New York police. His potential reasons for the very poor accuracy are generally accepted by men in the protective and police agencies. His explanation for the need of policemen to fire 30 to 40 shots at a criminal and hope these shots hit the criminal is sophomoric at best. I served in the Security and Intelligence Unit while in the regular peacetime U.S. Army and, like many officers, was trained to fire a .45, most probably the least accurate hand weapon in creation. Yet the level of accuracy we were able to record is dramatically higher than accuracy percentages that Sowell reports. As a matter or record, my trainer in the service, could strike a bull’s eye or close to it one out of three shots routinely. What it comes down to is quite elementary – it is training and practice. The very same recipe is prevalent in athletics, business, medicine, etc. What we need is the kind of training my trainer provided. We especially need it for our brave police. Incidentally, the gang members’ accuracy, including drive-by shootings, is higher than that of our police. – JACOB FRIEND Torrance MB council needs input Most can probably agree that Manhattan Beach needs to refresh and/or replace some of its recreational facilities. Most also gasp when faced with the $200million price tag for the lengthy list of facilities being considered. Somewhere is an answer that can work, but what’s of tantamount importance is that the process to arrive at that answer is one in which the input and participation of the residents of Manhattan Beach are actively solicited. When Mayor Jim Aldinger removes that process from the agenda of “regular” City Council meetings and instead chooses to call a series of “special” meetings of the City Council that occur on the middle of a weekday, with little or no public notice, with no substantive agenda or meeting minutes being published, not only is any such public participation undeniably discouraged, but the entire process of building public trust and support for any such facilities plan is wholly undermined. Such special meetings of the Manhattan Beach City Council took place on Nov. 7 and Monday. Who knew? Perhaps the mayor and council are defining what should be in the final report of the $516,800 architectural contract with MDA Johnson Favaro, or maybe they are detailing plans for public polling and education, now that $59,000 has already been paid against the $231,600 contract with The Lew Edwards Group for these exact services? Who knows? Mayor Aldinger, once again you owe this community one heck of an explanation (at a “regular” City Council meeting, please). – GERRY O’CONNOR Manhattan Beach160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Advice for the governor So, our governor has run out of blank checks! Perhaps he needs a new set of advisers who recommend: Prison farms instead of expensive buildings. Many criminals don’t need high-security detainment. Buy gas from offshore California sources, clean it and sell it for a profit. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhicker: Clemson demonstrates that it’s tough to knock out the champ Ship old nuclear energy rods to Hanford, Wash., by boat for reprocessing instead of permanent storage. Then new power plants could be installed. Cancel all state funds for embryonic stem cell research. The latest approved method is better. Stop funding the expensive but futile effort to control climate change. Carbon dioxide is not a contributor to global warming; the sun is. Bill the U.S. government for health and prison care of illegal immigrants who contribute little to the state financially. The guest worker program should be changed. However, if you let our incompetent state Legislature make any decisions, we are in real financial trouble. last_img read more