first_imgAlmost a year ago, I reported on free downloadable software offered by a watchmaker called Tissot which allowed you to wear different style watches virtually to see how they would look on you before you buy. The augmented reality solution used a paper watch with a special symbol on it as a marker to help the software identify where the watch should appear relative to the screen. Sony has now announced an advancement in augmented reality technology which eliminates the need for such a marker and improves the performance of virtual images within a 3D space.AdChoices广告SmartAR, as Sony refers to it, is capable of identifying and tracking objects at a high rate of speed using a hybrid technology which combines advanced object recognition with matching and image tracking technology. Probably the most impressive part of SmartAR is in its ability to identify 3D structures that not only allows for virtual images to appear flawlessly, but also for those images to interact with the 3D structures around them such as a virtual bouncing ball being hit with a book you pick up off of a table.In one of the videos Sony produced to demo the technology, SmartAR was shown to be applicable for marketing. Users could view a sign or a brochure with their mobile phone that could trigger a virtual image of it to appear. The virtual image could also contain multiple pages the user could flip through like a book or catalog.In addition to a marketing application, gaming applications could also be possible, especially if Sony wanted to compete with Nintendo’s 3DS portable gaming system which offers gamers 3D without the need for special glasses. It’s possible the technology could make its way into the PSP2, expected later this year, but that is merely hopeful speculation.Read more at CrunchGearlast_img read more