first_imgThe above-mentioned video material, as well as a digital brochure, have been prepared for this communication concept. The campaign will be mostly conducted through social media, with plans to promote it in larger cities such as Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. The second phase will be communication to foreign markets that will follow immediately after the opening of borders. “There were two sisters, two princesses. Both owned land, called Lika and Krbava. There they got the land after their father’s death. One sister, Karolina, got Krbava and the area was named after her. The other sister got today’s Lika. That princess was sickly so she traveled around looking for a cure. He is thirsty and drinks water near Ribnik. The pain turned for the better. She saw that the water did her good, that it just looked like her (healed). That water became a “character” for her, so he called it “Lika”, and from the water the whole area got the name Lika “.according to legend, source: Danica 1992, Author of the text Ante Rukavina). Precisely with the slogan “A character is a character “, a campaign was launched by the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Plitvice Lakes and the Tourist Board of the City of Gospić (op.a. synergy) Wow who is talking, I was personally fascinated that Lika was named after a medicine or a character. A phenomenal link with nature, local and organic food, sustainable development and of course active tourism. “We must certainly note that the Strategy we have been working on will improve the implementation of sustainable and responsible tourism, the transition to a circular economy and coordinated action. Tourist agencies, family farms are involved, an agreement has been reached with local family farms that will deliver their offer of local and fresh products to guests in their current accommodation. We have remained positive and we will not give up our intention to work together, in coordinated action to present and promote our destination and offer the most valuable and the best we have.. ” concludes Strinić. “Family accommodation, camps, smaller family hotels have a great opportunity this year. Guests will certainly look for places with fewer people and with private facilities, places where they have complete peace and privacy where Lika has a great advantage and corresponds to the current market conditions. That is why we must listen to the market, offer security, privacy, care, unpolluted air, clean nature, water, outdoor activities, and tourists will look for individual transport, individual accommodation and individual activities” The campaign was hit hard, because this is a great opportunity for rural and continental tourism. And great demand will be just for weekend trips. Lika is the largest county in Croatia, with the smallest population, which in this case has been turned into an advantage. Let me tell you a tourist story and legend. The campaign is currently intended for the domestic market, and we are sending a message and the importance of staying in nature, a message that we offer guests security and privacy, says Maja Strilić, director of the Gospić Tourist Board and adds: Watch short and effects videos with a great narrative, as an announcement of the campaign – Lika is a character. Lika is certainly a real sustainable tourist beauty full of life, and with strong trump cards such as NP Northern Velebit, No Paklenica, Pag, Nikola Tesla, Gacko, rivers and lakes… Of course there are NP Plitvice Lakes that attract the masses, and the imperative is part to disperse tourists all over Lika, in order to extend the number of days of tourists in Lika, and certainly complete a great weekend, even a week full of activities and experiences. The campaign is aimed at presenting key tourist attributes such as beautiful nature and a rich outdoor offer, and an invitation to everyone to visit Lika for the weekend. Bravo for TZG Gospić and TZO Plitvička jezera, for an excellent campaign and proactivity. As I pointed out, now is the opportunity for positioning and branding, because there will be a great demand for such content.last_img read more

first_imgStuff 15 March 2014ACC is stepping boldly into the minefield of sex education, amid claims that schools are failing to teach teens how to say “no”.The national accident insurer received 4800 sexual violence claims last year and spent about $44 million treating the victims.Hundreds of claims come from children under 14.In an effort to reduce sexual violence – and the big compensation bill that comes with claims – ACC wants to fund pilot “healthy relationship” programmes in a handful of secondary schools, with a view to introducing them nationwide.Rape Prevention Education executive director Kim McGregor said there were “huge gaps” in high school sex education, with the focus leaning towards biology and health rather than relationships.Many teenagers displayed a shocking ignorance about sexual violence, and even blamed the victims, she said. Herald 16 March 2014Teaching teenagers about how to develop healthy relationships in a bid avoid sexual violence is the aim of a pilot high school programme that is being funded by the Accident Compensation Corporation.ACC Minister Judith Collins said encouraging a culture of respect was one of the most effective ways to help to prevent sexual and dating violence.“This pilot programme will teach young people the value of having healthy relationships based on respect, negotiation and consent.”Family First director Bob McCoskrie said he would be writing to Ms Collins requesting that any programme be “pre-vetted” by a representative group of parents.He would prefer the information come from parents rather than through schools, he said.It was not yet known which schools the programme would be rolled out to.Ms Dixon said the programme would pilot in the third term, to avoid the exam period in term 4. read more

first_img Press Association City’s defence of their Barclays Premier League crown looks doomed with Manchester United 15 points clear at the top of the table. Mancini has not shied away from criticising players he feels have under-performed and he feels that is something they should accept. “I say what I think and sometimes it’s important that one player takes his responsibility because when you are a top player you earn a lot of money and you should play at 100 per cent always,” the Italian said. “When I was a player I always took responsibility. When I didn’t play well, I said, ‘Sorry I didn’t play well and will do my best in the next game,’ and it should be like this. “I don’t like players that never think it’s their fault. These players can’t play with me because this is impossible. I want strong players that are upset with me when they don’t play but after that show me on the pitch that they deserve to play.” City have found it difficult this season to live up to the lofty expectations they created for themselves by winning last season’s championship in such dramatic and exhilarating fashion. United’s form since winning the derby at the Etihad Stadium in December has been relentless and City have not only been unable to claw back the difference, but have fallen further back. Yet finishing second would still be no mean feat for a club that has come as far as City have in such a short time and Mancini acknowledges that. He said: “It’s difficult to win a championship here. We won last year but we won very quickly. Usually when you manage a team that hasn’t won for 40 years, I think that you need four, five or six years to win a Premier League. We won the championship after two years and it’s clear it’s more difficult the year after, but we had the chance.” Mancini has stated often enough in the past month that he has not given up the chase and, if so, City cannot afford to drop points against Aston Villa. The Blues lost to another relegation-threatened side in Southampton last month and a similar result would be unthinkable. City are again likely to be without captain Vincent Kompany due to his calf problems but midfielder Gareth Barry is fit to face his former club after an ankle injury. center_img Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has made clear he expects players to take their share of responsibility for the team’s shortcomings.last_img read more