first_imgSeveral residents of Ganta last Sunday joined security officials to witness the re-opening of the border with Guinea, in a demonstration of relief after the Liberian Government ordered the border closed more than ten months ago, due to the Ebola outbreak in both countries.Both citizens of the two countries were seen rejoicing when the chain on the Liberian side of the border was untied and removed, upon the orders of Ganta Border Commander Maj. Betty Benson.She explained to the jubilant crowd that the closing of the border was due to the Ebola outbreak that hit the three Mano River countries, killing about 9,000 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.“Now that the outbreak of Ebola is subsiding, the government decided to open the border for cross border activities, but we should be cognizant about the Ebola and apply all the preventive measures,” Major Benson added.Buckets filled with chlorinated water for hand washing were placed at various points on the bridge as well as the main entrance of the Immigration office.In 2010, the Ganta Border ranged 4th in the collection of revenue, according to a report from Ministry of Finance & Development Planning. The advent of the Ebola Virus Disease and the subsequent border closure put a halt to cross-border trade between the two countries.The news of the border re-opening spread across Nimba County like wild fire. Most of Liberia’s agricultural produce, including pepper, beans and grand nuts, among others, are imported from Guinea.During a recent tour by the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Vigilante, in Ganta on Feb. 17, joint security officers informed him that despite the border closure, illegal trade was still going on and lack of logistics was hampering their work.“If the border is opened, illegal cross border activities will be curtailed,” a spokesman said.He mentioned the lack of mobility and other logistics as serious impediments affecting their operations to curtail illegal trade across the border.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgPlayback / NavigationTimelineZoom In / Out on TimelineVideo Track HeightAudio Track Height RotationX, Y, or Z Add to Both Ends of ClipsAdditive DissolveNon-Additive DissolveFilm DissolveCross DissolveDip To BlackDip To White Basic EditingSelect AllDeselect AllUndoRedoCopyCutPastePaste AttributesPaste InsertInsertSnap Toggle CreativeIntensityFaded FilmSharpenVibranceSaturationTine Balance After Effects Palette Gear Module OptionsAnyone who’s mastered keyboard shortcuts will have a hard time taking their hands off the keyboard to reach for a dial, button, or slider.Buttons in After EffectsModify LayerSet In PointSet Out PointToggle ShyToggle SoloToggle EnableToggle LockSet KeyframeQualitySampling QualityNew Composition from SelectionNew CompositionPreviewDefaultCopyCutPasteUndoRedoSaveOpenDials in After EffectsModify CompositionWidthHeightDurationLayer PropertiesAdjust Selected PropertiesLayer SelectionOpacityAudio LevelsStart PointBlend ModeAnchor PointX, Y, or Z VignetteAmountMidpointRoundnessFeather EditingNext Edit PointTrack ControlSelect Track OrientationX, Y, or Z Effects & TransitionsOpacityMotionScaleScale WidthAnti-flicker Filter General AdjustmentsAdjust any propertyAdjust any property (large)Sliders in Premiere Pro Editing ToolsSelectionTrack Select ForwardTrack Select BackwardRipple EditRolling EditRate StretchRazorSlipSlidePenHandZoom Playback / NavigationTimelineZoom to SequenceZoom In on TimelineZoom Out on TimelineIncrease Video Track HeightDecrease Video Track HeightIncrease Audio Track HeightDecrease Audio Track Height Audio EffectsFill Left With RightFill Right With Left VignetteAmountMidpointRoundnessFeather Add to End of ClipsAdditive DissolveNon-Additive DissolveFilm DissolveCross DissolveDip To BlackDip To White Toggle SoloActive, Master, A1-A6 Clip ControlMake SubclipNext ClipPrevious ClipReverse ClipLink / Unlink ClipsGroup ClipsUngroup ClipsNext ClipsSpeed / DurationNudge Clip UpNudge Clip DownNudge Clip Left (1 Frame)Nudge Clip Left (5 Frames)Nudge Clip Right (1 Frame)Nudge Clip Right (5 Frames)Snap to Next ClipSnap to Previous ClipSelect Top Clip PanelMaximize / Minimize PanelMaximize / Minimize Hovered PanelNext PanelPrevious PanelLumetri PanelEffect Control PanelProgram Monitor PanelSource Monitor PanelAudio Clip Mixer PanelAudio Track Mixer PanelEffects PanelMedia Browser PanelProjects Panel Audio EffectsVolume LevelLeft Channel VolumeRight Channel Volume Toggle Selection Follows PlayheadPlay / StopShuttle Left SlowShuttle Right SlowShuttle StopWorkspaceWorkspace 1, 2-9Audio MixerToggle Mixer Control ModeNext TrackPrevious TrackCycle Automation ModesActive, Master, A1-A6 Lumetri ColorReset Lumetri SettingsEditingRipple DeleteRazor All TracksNext Edit PointPrevious Edit PointTrack ControlSelect Next TrackSelect Previous TrackLock Audio TracksLock Video TracksSync Lock Selected TrackHide Selected Video Track PanActive, Master, A1-A6 Toggle MuteActive, Master, A1-A6 PositionX, Y, or Zcenter_img ScaleAll, X, Y, or Z Clip ControlSnap ClipsSelect ClipsNudge Clip Lumetri ColorBasic CorrectionHDR WhiteTemperatureTintExposureContrastHighlightsShadowsWhitesBlacksHDR SpecularSaturation PanelCycle Panels CurvesHDR Range PanActive, A1-A6 Video EffectsDrop ShadowWarp StabilizerBlur & SharpenCamera BlurChannel BlurCompound BlurDirectional BlurGaussian BlurSharpenUnsharp Mask ShuttleAudio MixerCycle Active TrackVolumeActive, Master, A1-A6 MarkerSet In PointSet Out PointAdd MarkerClear InClear OutClear In and OutClear All MarkersLiftExtract Audio EffectsVolume LevelLeft Channel VolumeRight Channel Volume HSL SecondaryDenoiseBlurTemperatureTintContrastSharpenSaturation CreativeIntensityFaded FilmSharpenVibranceSaturationTine Balance This is an amazing piece of equipment for photo editors, but will the Palette Gear stand out for video editors?The Palette Gear is certainly one of the most talked about panels around, and rightfully so. The modular device not only looks cool, but the build quality is also fantastic. This device just feels good. Powerful magnets for easy connections, well-lit attachments that indicate a connection, solid weight — this is not a cheap plastic toy.The Palette Gear was first developed in 2012, and eventually it became a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now that it is fully available to the public, the controller is finding its way into the hands of many creatives. Photographers and photo editors have resoundingly fallen in love with the Palette Gear for it’s spectacular abilities and speed in Adobe Lightroom. But what about video editors? Can the Palette Gear help speed up your workflow? Let’s take a look at current capabilities, and talk about the device’s strengths and weaknesses.The Palette Gear Modules and KitsThe Palette Gear is compatible with Mac and Windows. Of all the various modules, the core is the actual brains of the operation.The core’s USB connection powers all the connected modules, so there is no need for any A/C power. The core features a color OLED screen that displays the program you are working in, as well as the profile name — meaning you can create multiple profiles for various tasks or other editors. From the core, you can then magnetically attach buttons, dials, and sliders in countless variations.Buttons are single-click arcade-style controls. Like all the other modules, they feature a light up edge — the color of which you can customize to keep track of what each module does.Dials are knob controls that also feature button functionality for additional tasks. These are by far the most powerful tools in the entire set.Sliders are simple up-down or left-right controls. They are not mechanical, so they are not as accurate as they could be. More on the sliders later.The Palette Gear is available in three different kits — Starter, Expert, and Professional. The Starter Kit starts at $199 and includes the core, two buttons, a dial, and a slider. The $299 Expert Kit (which this article is reviewing) includes a core, two buttons, three dials, and two sliders. The Professional Kit will set you back $499 and comes with the core, four buttons, six dials, and four sliders.Additionally, you can purchase individual modules for additional customization. Buttons are available for $29 each, and dials and sliders will cost you $49 each. In total, the Palette Gear can support up to 18 modules.The modules are incredibly easy to snap together. Simply connect the pins to the pads. They will magnetically snap together. The modules then light up to indicate successful connections.  If you don’t get a light, turn the module and connect it from another side.Setup is equally simple. After installing the PaletteApp, you will see options to create profiles for each of the various programs. The app will display the modules as you connect them. Then you simply click on each module and assign a task to each button, dial, and slider.The Palette Gear Supported ProgramsTo date, the Palette Gear supports FCPX and a majority of Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and After Effects. The Palette is still in Beta for Premiere Pro and Audition. You can also configure the Palette Gear to replicate keyboard shortcuts and act as a MIDI device. It is currently in Beta to work as a modular Joystick for gamers.There is also a community dedicated to creating and sharing Palette profiles. You can find detailed profiles for Lightroom, like concert photography, basic retouching, temperature control, and more. There are also plenty of keyboard shortcut profiles and custom-mapped programs like Chrome browser hotkeys, Reddit enhancement suite, iTunes, and Spotify.Update: According to a representative at Palette, FCPX is still in Beta.The Palette Gear Capabilities for Video EditorsTo put the Palette Gear through the process for video editors, we ran tests on Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X. The results were pretty similar in each test. You’ll immediately want to start mapping as much as you can. It’s fun to try and figure out the best setup, and to program the Palette to your liking.The Palette Gear shines during tasks like color control, which is why it really is great for photo editors. For video editors, most of our repetitive tasks are already keyboard shortcuts. The longer the Palette was on the desk while editing, it became easier to just fall back into using keyboard shortcuts. For video editors, there is no real increase to your editing speed.As for color control, if you are a Premiere Pro editor doing color work in the Lumetri panel, you can map the Palette Gear to help with the overall color grade. Here is a quick glance from Palette.The dials are pretty good for fine tuning, but they are very sensitive. When setting a dial to control exposure, there were times where I would get the image just right, but as I removed my hand from the dial, my thumb would sometimes slightly touch the dial and that would be enough to adjust the image. You can actually solve this issue in the Advanced menu of the PaletteApp. I found lowering the sensitivity gave me better control. You can also press down on the dial to reset.The Palette Gear’s biggest weakness is the slider. The slider is not a mechanical slider, so there is no way to finely control tasks. There is also no true zero-point or middle notch to put the slider back to zero. The slightest movement on the slider can make massive adjustments, and there is no way to reverse that movement without really over-correcting in the opposite direction.Now, you can go into the PaletteApp and lower the slider’s range to prevent very drastic changes — but you are then limiting the slider’s capabilities. I found myself having to use the mouse to double-click on the Temperature and Tint controls in the Lumetri panel to reset them. Since I already move the cursor to those controls, I would then just use the digital sliders in Premiere Pro. In FCPX, the sliders literally do nothing. They are not currently compatible with any FCPX tasks.The sliders were also the only modules that ever gave me trouble. While rearranging the modules to find the best setup, there were a few times where everything was connected but the slider. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get them to reconnect. I restarted the app to no avail. I cycled the Palette’s power by unplugging the USB cable, and when reconnected, the sliders powered back on.Outside of the Lumetri color controls in Premiere Pro, I didn’t find the Palette Gear to be very much help with actual video editing in Premiere Pro. The same goes for After Effects. There is a definite sci-fi feel to rendering at the push of a button, but Palette Gear’s biggest enemy is the keyboard shortcut. As for FCPX, there was really no point in even mapping the Palette. It doesn’t really do anything in Final Cut Pro X.Any seasoned editor has already mastered the keyboard shortcuts they need. The Palette Gear can be helpful with less-common tasks, but then it’s just a hassle to have the panel connected and the PaletteApp running at all times. (If you have many external hard drives already taking up USB ports, you are very unlikely to even plug in the Palette Gear.)Like I said before, the Palette Gear is still in Beta for Premiere Pro. I am expecting the future Palette models and modules to have even better controls when it comes to color grading, but as far as actual repetitive editing tasks — it’s hard to tell. I will say this: the Palette Gear is a lot of fun, but sometimes you need to work and don’t have time to play.For colorists, you may find the Palette Gear to be a suitable budget panel. For Lightroom photo editors, it’s a fantastic tool. For video editors, there is still much to be desired.For a full breakdown of available options, the following are all the mappable options based on the available programs and Palette Gear modules.Premiere Pro Palette Gear Module OptionsEven in Beta, the Palette Gear has more options in Premiere Pro than FCPX and After Effects. Each module can replicate nearly any simple task. Though the list of options for Premiere Pro is long, there aren’t any magical time-saving tasks to map to the Palette Gear. Everything here is a pretty standard control.Buttons in Premiere ProAdd Color MatteRenderAllAudioPreviewIn to OutEffects & TransitionsRemove TransitionsRemove EffectsVideo TransitionsAdd to Front of ClipsAdditive DissolveNon-Additive DissolveFilm DissolveCross DissolveDip To BlackDip To White Cycle Automation ModesActive, Master, A1-A6 HSL SecondaryDenoiseBlurTemperatureTintContrastSharpenSaturation Audio MixerVolumeActive, Master, A1-A6 ProjectNew ProjectNew SequenceImportImport from Media BrowserExportSave AsClose ProjectNew BinSelect Next SequenceDials in Premiere ProPlayheadEffects & TransitionsOpacityMotionPosition XPosition YScaleScale WidthRotationAnchor Point XAnchor Point YAnti-flicker Filter Toggle RecordActive, Master, A1-A6 KeyingAlpha AdjustColor KeyLuma KeyNon Red KeyUltra KeyDifference MatteRemove MatteImage Matte KeyTrack Matte Key Lumetri ColorBasic CorrectionHDR WhiteTemperatureTintExposureContrastHighlightsShadowsWhitesBlacksHDR SpecularSaturation KeyframesNext KeyframePrevious KeyframeAdd / Remove Video KeyframeAdd / Remove Audio Keyframe CurvesHDR Range Work AreaDurationStartColor CorrectionInput BlackInput WhiteGammaOutput BlackOutput WhiteZoomPlayheadFrame DurationSliders in After EffectsLayer PropertiesOpacityAudio LevelsColor CorrectionInput BlackInput WhiteGammaOutput BlackOutput WhitePlayheadFinal Cut Pro X Palette Gear Module OptionsIf you are an FCPX editor, you will be throughly disappointed in the Palette Gear. You really can’t do much, and it’s not worth the purchase if you are solely planning on using this for editing in Final Cut Pro X.Update: According to a representative at Palette, FCPX is still in Beta.Buttons in Final Cut Pro XFileNew ProjectNew EventImportEditCopyCutPasteUndoRedoAppend to StorylineAdd MarkerDelete Markers in SelectionToolSelect ToolTrim ToolPosition ToolRange Selection ToolBlade ToolZoom ToolHead ToolTrimBladeBlade AllTrim StartTrim EndTrim to PlayheadExtend EditPlayback/NavigationPlay/PausePlay SelectionPlay AroundPlay from BeginningPlay to EndPlay Full ScreenLoop PlaybackFast ForwardRewindGo ForwardGo BackwardGo Forward (10 Frames)Go Backward (10 Frames)Dials in Final Cut Pro XGeneralZoomGo to Next ItemAdjust Any PropertyEditVolumeGo to Previous/Next MarkerPlayback/NavigationMove PlayheadMove Playhead (10 frames)Nudge ClipNudge Clip (10 frames)Sliders in Final Cut Pro XNot Compatible with FCPX.Final ThoughtsThe Palette Gear may one day be a must-have tool for all creatives (specifically those in the Adobe Create Cloud), but right now it’s far more practical for photo editors and amateur colorists using Lumetri (the Palette is not yet compatible with DaVinci Resolve).I found that many of the editing tasks I perform are still faster with keyboard shortcuts. With the inability to really do anything in FCPX, it’s hard to recommend this panel for video editors.That said, if you are a video editor who also shoots photographs or handles amateur color work, you may find the tool helpful in other ways.Review equipment provided by Palette.Have you worked with the Palette Gear? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now There is too much anti-phone sentiment in the world of social media. Social selling is good. But the telephone is better. Here are nine reasons you need to pick up the telephone today.Your emails have gone unanswered. They have gone unanswered, haven’t they? Many of them have been filtered out by spam filters, and more have been filtered out by your dream client’s priorities. If you are serious about a meeting, you will change your approach.You get the advantage of dialogue. When you pick up the phone and call, you have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue. Your dream client is still likely to refuse your request for a meeting, but you will be there to describe your sales call value proposition and give yourself a fighting chance.You will differentiate yourself. Many of your competitors have bought the big lie that you can’t use the telephone, that you can’t interrupt your dream client. If you are game enough to make a call, you will pull yourself out of the pack.You are choosing a more effective medium. The phone is the third most effective medium for serious communications. But you use the phone to get to the two more powerful mediums, a face-to-face meeting or a video conference.You become known. You can’t see or hear the person on the other side of an email. But a person on the telephone is real. You hear their voice. They introduce themselves, and you know their name. If you call more than once, you become known.You have real value to create. If you’ve targeted your dream clients, you are picking up the phone because you have the ability and the desire to help. The difference between being persistent and being a nuisance is your ability to create value. It’s okay to call if you intend to create value.You need a better pipeline. If your pipeline isn’t what it should be, if it doesn’t have enough opportunities for you to reach your goals, then what you’re doing isn’t working. The telephone is still the most effective way to reach people to schedule appointments. Your pipeline will improve when you pick up the telephone.The phone is part of a campaign. Picking up the phone doesn’t mean that you don’t also use every other possible means of prospecting. You still need to use the social selling tools, just like you still need to ask for referrals. The phone is one of the many means you are going to use to communicate with your dream clients.Your fear of the phone is unfounded. No one has ever died from making a phone call. No one has even been seriously injured. Occasionally, you will run across someone under enough stress and in such a foul state that they might hang up on you. If you are compassionate, you’ll know that their state has nothing to do with you.last_img read more

first_imgThose of you for whom malls are for every occasion, shopping malls across the city have readied themselves with their Christmas best. So grab your friends and family and head for the mall, because soaking in the spirit need not equal to spending money. At a Rajouri garden mall, there are a plethora of activities and delicious food to be had. A huge castle gate welcomes you into a Christmas themed Dreamland. The major highlights are a magic show by Anjaan from India’s Got Talent, dance competitions and fashion shows for all age groups, 3D animated laser shows and photo booths. Get yourself clicked with live characters and Santa Claus. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Another mall in Saket has live Santas, a 40-feet high Christmas tree put up, personalised Santa shop goodies like stockings, hats, ornaments with names on them, a candy town with cookies, chocolates, cakes, candy and treats. Also, there are musical performances by Monku and the gang and Wizard of Oz and games and rides.At a mall in Vasant Kunj, designer Manav Gangwani has designed the Christmas tree. Expect artfully draped Swarovski crystal chains on a golden frame, winding up on an internally lit central structure. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe pop up store at this mall has an exclusive range of Christmas products. Customers walking into the pop-up store will get a fresh range of exclusively designed and manufactured products which have been handcrafted exclusively by the most reputed brands and designers.Another mall next door has created Kiddyland. There is a Candy Cane Christmas Tree which will shower hundreds of candies on the Christmas day. Kids can also dig into Chocó-land to take home goodies.Chefs will help them create Christmas cookie masterpieces which can be hung up on the tree.So don’t burn your pockets, just have loads of fun!last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: Jadavpur University has decided to recruit female guards for strengthening security on the campus.The decision was taken at a meeting in the university on Monday afternoon involving 36 stakeholders and senior administrative officials including Vice-Chancellor Suranjan Das and Registrar Snehamanju Basu “The male security guards have often complained of facing difficulties while handling women related issues and have avoided doing the same. Checking of women is a sensitive issue. Hence, we have decided to recruit women security guards. V-C has already given me the consent,” the Registrar said. The university is hopeful that this move will be able to prevent outsiders’ entry into the varsity campus in a more effective manner. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed”Often a group of young people who enter the campus have women in their team. The male guards are unable to check them properly, “a senior official of the varsity pointed out. The varsity will not allow any outsider and if somebody is caught strong action will be taken as per law of the university. The varsity has also identified certain spots inside the campus where there have been instances of nuisance activities and will be stepping up vigil in these areas. “The higher officials will conduct surprise visits inside the campus, particularly in the evenings and at nights to keep an eye on the activities on the campus,” the registrar added. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseThe meeting also stressed on proper implementation of security guidelines which were introduced a year ago. “We have sought opinion of the stakeholders on the basis of which we will come up with a new directive on security,” the official said. The departmental heads will be conducting students’ counselling and awareness highlighting certain measures that need to be followed inside the university campus. “The working pattern of the women security staff will be finalised in consultation with senior security guards deployed on the campus,” the official added.last_img read more

first_imgJune 15, 2019 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Not every AI-loving company operates in logistics, marketing or healthcare. Artificial intelligence isn’t picky about which industries it revolutionizes, and many niches have already embraced automation.Given the global value of AI, it’s no surprise the tech is spreading. Statista estimates that worldwide AI revenue will hit $90 billion by 2025. With so much wealth to go around, no industry is safe from disruption.Sooner or later, artificial intelligence will be table stakes in every industry. A few sectors you might not expect are leading the way:Related: What Every Entrepreneur Must Know About Artificial Intelligence1. Beauty and skincare.Consumers can’t seem to get enough of sustainability and personalization. In the beauty space, AI is helping firms deliver both. By aligning cosmetic shades and styles with specific shoppers’ skin features, AI is ending the beauty product guessing game.On the sustainability front, beauty brands are trusting machine learning to manage their supply chains. AI is the centerpiece of Nu Skin’s sustainability strategy, for instance, which includes a partnership with an agriculture startup that uses technology to automate its growing environment. “This process provides consumers safe, effective and traceable product ingredients while drastically reducing the land and water resources required,” noted Nu Skin president Ryan Napierski.Related: These Entrepreneurs are Using Their Engineering Minds to Disrupt the Beauty Market2. MiningDespite its old-school reputation, the mining industry is taking full advantage of modern tools. More than just pickaxes and dark caves, mining relies on a combination of energy, workers, capital and mineral prices to maintain profitability. Using AI, mine operators can reduce worker risk, predict pricing changes and improve their operational efficiency.AI can also show mining companies new opportunities for exploration. GoldSpot Discoveries, a mining-specific AI vendor, agreed in April to help Gran Colombia accelerate its exploration programs in Segovia while reducing the exploration risks of the project. Not only can AI make mining more profitable, but it can also show skeptics that the industry cares about its environmental impacts.3. Customer serviceEven in the age of AI, people like to talk to other people. However, they also hate long hold times, which is pushing more customer service companies to replace contracted call center workers with automated systems.“If you really look at the work in a contact center that’s outsourced, it’s generally very low-value work,” said Abinash Tripath, co-founder of Helpshift. “It’s something that lends itself easily to automation. And companies will start shedding their outsourced agents.”Firms like Helpshift are already using automated systems to process payments and handle run-of-the-mill information requests. When customers can use automated assistants to serve themselves, companies can afford to allocate their human capital to more complicated tasks, such as house calls and customer retention.Related: How AI Can Make Customer Service More EfficientNormalization Is NearAI is a competitive-advantage chameleon. For any company in any industry, it can eliminate inefficient business practices, identify unseen opportunities and explore new markets. Best of all, AI algorithms create positive feedback cycles. The more widespread the tools become, the more quickly they can improve. As more and more companies dip their toes in, all users will gain more insights in ever-shrinking fragments of time.Sooner rather than later, the AI discussion will shift from disruption to standardization. Companies that fail to leverage automated tools will cease to exist. Don’t get caught off guard: The edge of possibility will soon become the baseline customer expectation. 3 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now »last_img read more