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Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my stream Houses Builder: Area:  48 m² Area:  48 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project 2012 ArchDaily photographs:  Owen McGoldrickPhotographs:  Owen McGoldrick Dragonfly / Built-Environment PracticeSave this projectSaveDragonfly / Built-Environment Practice “COPY” ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Australia Dragonfly / Built-Environment Practicecenter_img 2012 Year:  ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Photographs Engineer:Phil Wallace Consulting EngineersArchitect In Charge:Chris KnappCity:Broken HeadCountry:AustraliaMore SpecsLess SpecsThe Dragonfly is designed to deliver a maximum of experience within limited build- able constraints around an existing house and sloping site. The project mediates between expansive views of the Pacific Ocean at Lennox Head, NSW and intimate snapshots of the rugged hillside upon which the Dragonfly is situated. This compact extension to an existing holiday house creates an additional private sleeping and living space, most often utilised when the main house is crowded with family and guests throughout the year. The space functions as a retreat for the owners, their teenage children, guests, or as an artist studio. A sauna, outdoor shower, and garden patio are also part of the scope of works.Save this picture!© Owen McGoldrickThe palette of materials includes copper, glass, hoop pine, and Australian cypress is employed to create a sympathetic dialogue with the surrounding environment, further enhanced by a strong indoor/outdoor relationship and passive energy performance. Save this picture!© Owen McGoldrickA strategy of inflected geometry in the roof/ceiling plane and floor plan configuration is employed to highlight focused views to the surrounding environment, capitalise upon aspect, and shelter the project from southerly exposure. Save this picture!© Owen McGoldrickThe Dragonfly is organised to strengthen the relationship between the occupant and the outdoor environment, thusly emphasizing the primacy of site and place. The project encourages an active awareness and participation in one’s achievement of thermal comfort. Additionally, the extension is tailored to fit seamlessly into the context of the existing house to which it is attached, such that occupants of other areas of the house do not take notice nor are they impacted by the extension’s presence. Save this picture!© Owen McGoldrickThe project is tucked to the rear of the existing house and is modestly seen from the approach. The Dragonfly is anchored to the hillside along one edge, and then cantilevered out using suspended concrete slab construction to eliminate any need to load upon the existing structure. Placement of windows, doors, and ventilation panels are sited to augment diurnal and seasonal patterns of sun, wind, and wet weather. Save this picture!Floor PlanThe project delivers the clients’ request for a bedroom, ensuite, sun-deck, sauna, storage, and a desk for writing through a very compact layout of integrated furnishings. The constraints of the project were turned into opportunities to enhance one’s sense of discovery in the everyday. A storage wall which holds books, clothes, and other artefacts also creates separation for the ensuite . The ensuite receives ample daylight via a ribbon of clear glass that occupies the space between the continuous plywood ceiling and the top of the 2.1m high storage wall. Save this picture!© Owen McGoldrickProject gallerySee allShow lessNanak Emporium / MACh ArquitetosSelected ProjectsCentral Mosque of Pristina Competition Entry / Tarh O AmayeshUnbuilt Project Share “COPY” Architects: Built-Environment Practice Area Area of this architecture project Year:  Projects Save this picture!© Owen McGoldrick+ 15 Share Foley Constructions, Dave Foleylast_img read more

first_imgOn Friday night, a massive audience at New York City’s Madison Square Garden were treated to the funk-fueled energy of The Motet, who performed the halftime show during the evening’s basketball game. Before the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets played each other as part of the Subway Series, Motet vocalist Lyle Divinsky opened the game by singing the National Anthem. Later that night, the Colorado funksters played Irving Plaza with Dopapod.Members Of The Motet, TAB, & More Tribute Jamiroquai At Brooklyn Comes Alive [Audio/Videos]Members of The Motet, Snarky Puppy, TAB, & More Tribute Herbie Hancock At BCA [Audio/Video]Watch video of Lyle’s performance below, as streamed by The Motet:We’re still waiting on video of The Motet’s halftime performance, but here’s a group photo for now!last_img read more

first_imgTwo articles in the popular press tried to make the case that monkeys have humanlike characteristics.  Maybe they proved the converse, at least for some humans.Does this add up?  Reporting on experiments suggesting monkeys have the rudiments of math skills, at least in the ability to compare sizes of things, MSNBC News writer Bjorn Carey wanted to emphasize how similar they are to us.  He said, “This finding is the most recent in a series of discoveries that indicate our primate cousins display humanlike characteristics.  Monkeys like to gamble and enjoy looking at other monkeys’ bottoms.  Chimpanzees have been found to crack under social pressures.”On the Origin of Humor by Sexual Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Jokes in the Struggle for a Wife:  Science Now laughed with, but not at, a study that showed differences in the way men and women respond to humor.  There must be a Darwinian angle in here somewhere:  “There are a variety of ways to interpret the findings, says neuroscientist Gregory Berns of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the more politically incorrect being that women are more easily entertained than men.  Another is that women find humor more important in behavior than men do, consistent with ideas that humor evolved differently between the sexes as a mating strategy–men act the comics and women respond by laughing at them. Er, with them.”  But ScienceNow left us hanging without a punch line for the title, “Y Did the Chromosome Cross the Road?”Are humans still evolving?  Reporting on a comparative genomics study between humans and chimpanzees, Ker Than on Live Science started by praising the power of natural selection:  “The evolutionary process that Charles Darwin discovered almost 150 years ago, responsible for transforming dinosaurs into birds and allowing the walking ancestors of whales to take to the seas, is still quietly at work in humans today.”  In the next paragraph he called DNA the “software of life.”While supporting natural selection, Ker Than managed to include his usual dig against the creationists: “The validity of Darwin’s natural selection has been attacked lately by a small but vocal group who argue that it cannot explain all the complexity seen in nature.  They advocate a concept called ‘intelligent design,’ in which a higher being is responsible for the variety of life.  Scientists dismiss intelligent design as cloaked creationism and say that there are no significant problems with the widely accepted theory of evolution.”  (Emphasis added in quotes.)So if you are a gambling butt-gazer with a nervous breakdown, you can take comfort in the fact that macaques empathize with you.  Supposedly if the macaques keep up such antics they will become philosophers in due time.  Didn’t Kipling say that to be a man requires keeping your head while all around you are losing theirs?  Macaque antics reveal no special human propensities.  Parrots and dolphins exhibit better intellectual skills than monkeys, but no Darwinist considers either of them our “closest living relative.”  Why not turn the idea around, and say that any man who dwells on derriere jokes is devolving into a macaque, or any human who swims is devolving into a whale?  After all, Michael Ruse has forcefully warned against embedding any ideas of progress into Darwinian theory.    Ker Than has been a malicious demagogue against intelligent design throughout the Dover trial, worse than Antonio Lazcano (see 11/04/2005 entry).  These two quotes show that nothing he says about Darwinism or ID can be trusted.  In promoting Darwinism, he erred with his definition of natural selection: “Darwin’s natural selection is the process by which nature rewards those individuals better adapted to their environments with survival and reproductive success.”  In addition to slipping an embedded personification fallacy about rewards into his definition, he blindly slipped into the tautology trap: if fitness is defined in terms of reproductive success, it loses all independent meaning: the fit survive because the survivors are fit.    In attacking ID, Ker Than linked it to belief in a “higher being”.  ID makes no claims about the nature or source of the designing intelligence, but only that the effects of intelligent causes are detectable.  But then he also borrowed ID vocabulary in defining DNA as software, which always has an intelligent cause.  He also erred historically in giving Charlie credit for “discovering” natural selection.  If he can’t even define the most basic terms right or keep his concepts consistent, how can his opinions be worth anything?  Such reporting is better suited to a job at 90 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_img(Visited 31 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Some recent evolutionary papers appear to make physical laws not just constraints on natural selection, but guiding hands that build optimal designs.Hydrodynamics and the perfect transporter:  In cell membranes, aquaporins are hourglass-shaped channels that allow water molecules through but block other molecules.  Their “remarkable  selectivity,” coupled with “optimal permeability,” is admired by biophysicists – so much so that authors of a paper in PNAS about aquaporins [AQPs] remarked, “in a biomimetic perspective, these results provide guidelines to design artificial nanopores with optimal performances.”  How, then, did evolution stumble upon such design perfection?  “This suggests that the hourglass shape of aquaporins could be the result of a natural selection process toward optimal hydrodynamic transport.”   This statement could mean that natural selection found the optimal shape through blind search, but more implicitly that the laws of hydrodynamics lured natural selection toward “excellent water selectivity.”  Most of the paper focused on why the geometrical shape is so effective:The aim of this work was to determine the effect of geometry and BCs [boundary conditions] on hydrodynamic entrance effects in biconical nanochannels. Using FE [finite-element] calculations, we have shown that compared with a plain cylindrical pipe, a biconical channel of optimal angle can provide a spectacular increase in hydrodynamic permeability. A simplified model based on entrance effects and lubrication approximation rationalizes the observed behavior. Although speculative, this could indicate that the hourglass geometry of AQPs results from a shape optimization, to reduce end effects and maximize water permeability.They said very little about evolution.  What they did say amounts to an airy speculation that, somehow, physics drives evolutionary progress:Among transmembrane proteins, and ionic channels in particular, examples abound where the particular function––ion selectivity, for instance––is tied to a specific feature of the molecular architecture. However, it remains worth wondering, as we have done here, whether generic factors such as viscous dissipation could be the driving force behind the shapes fine-tuned by evolution.Fluid dynamics and the perfect lung:  More blatant in the assertion that physics drives evolution is a headline on PhysOrg, “How fluid dynamics and transport shaped the structure of our lungs in the course of evolution.”  The speculations of two French physicists goes beyond claiming that physics merely constrains evolution, though it overlaps with that notion.  It elevates physics to an essential player in the process of design optimization, a voice telling the evolutionary tinkerer, ‘you’re getting warmer’—In an evolutionary perspective, the size of primitive multi-cellular species was necessarily limited by nutrients’ diffusion speed. One hypothesis defended in this study is that larger primitive animals have thus been conditioned by a progressive Darwinian selection of tree-like ‘space-filling’ nutrient distribution systems. Then, their genetic material was ready to be shared to allow mammalian respiration. Successive inspirations and expirations cycles had to be optimised so that external air could reach the alveoli before expiration starts. This form of evolutionary tinkering, the authors believe, would have allowed the emergence of mammalian respiration—as opposed to fish-style breathing through gills.With physics in the driver’s seat, it’s no wonder that “the structure of the alveolar system is indeed optimal to allow efficient transport of oxygen from the air to the blood,” the article ends.  “This new insight into the lung’s evolutionary process stems from the physical principles underlying the architecture of living systems.”Evolution is a mystical form of polytheism for modern intellectuals.  Any questions?  You thought evolution was impersonal and unguided.  That would never work.  Cryptic spirits animate all of nature.They even have names.  The blind goddess Tinker Bell is helped by Engineer Bill, calling out “You’re getting warmer!” as the unholy spirit of Charlie, the Bearded Buddha, smiles down from above, “allowing” endless forms most beautiful to “emerge.”  Since these deities are invisible, one needs the shamans to interpret the game, continually offering “new insight” to the peasants, ever stringing them along to keep the funds flowing.  The Great Myth must remain a perennial work in progress, lest the shamans run out of business in their temples, the universities.  They shudder at the prospect of begging on street corners with signs, “Will tell stories for food.”last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest As harvest approaches, interest in how crops are performing in Ohio and around the country will be growing faster than the plants in the fields. To get a preview of what to expect, the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal team will be a part of two crop tours in August.Final preparations are being made for the 2015 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour presented by Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers. On the tour, two teams of farmers, agronomists and OCJ/OAN staff will be crisscrossing I-75 and I-71 reporting crop conditions and yield estimates on Aug. 12 and 13. The teams start in the north in Williams and Medina Counties and meet at the end in Clinton County. During the two days, each team will sample a representative corn and soybean field in 20 counties (for a total of 40 counties during the two days).The groups will be estimating yields and overall conditions for corn fields and the conditions and yield potential of soybean fields. We will be updating the results on the go online at, so check back regularly on our progress. Coverage will also include photos, videos and radio broadcasts of tour highlights. The results will be posted in the September issue of Ohio’s Country Journal as well.The following week, Aug. 17 through Aug. 20, Ty Higgins will be going on the 2015 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour to cover the event for the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour starts in Columbus and Higgins will provide continuous updates with radio broadcasts, pictures, videos and conditions as his group heads west through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. His coverage is sponsored by Fennig Equipment and will be posted at in real time.last_img read more

first_img9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… markhachman The Power of KinectAlthough Kinect began life as a gaming peripheral for the Xbox, it has quickly become a platform in itself. Microsoft released Kinect for Windows last November as a way for businesses and researchers to tap into the power of the peripheral. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has claimed that some 200 businesses have begun working with it.At Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, an R&D-focused contest in Australia, two-thirds of the education-focused projects utilized Microsoft Kinect in a variety of different ways, including interactive therapy for stroke victims, an automated cart to help make solo trips to crowded public places manageable for the disabled and an application to help dyslexic children learn the alphabet, Microsoft said. The company has even debuted an Accelerator program for startups developing products and businesses around Kinect.Meanwhile, Microsoft’s own researchers continue to push the motion sensing technology ahead. Technically, Kinect can now read facial expressions and even respond to voice commands.Last year, Microsoft showed off “KinectFusion,” which essentially maps a room with Kinect as “radar,” creating a virtual space. Now, with KinÊtre, Microsoft has taken another step forward. How KinÊtre WorksAfter the user scans the object, the virtual object is then combined with the image that Kinect captures of the user’s body.When the user walks to the center of the room and says the magic word, “Possess!” Kinect then places the user’s virtual skeleton in the “costume” of the object, deforming it in real time in response to the user’s gestures or actions. (Technically, Kinect causes realistic deformations on the static input mesh it creates.) See Microsoft’s video describing the project for more (embedded above).KinÊtre appears to “understand” a bit about the human body and the input object, too: a chair “walks” with its hind legs, while a bookcase sways itself in time to the user’s movements. A lamp hops as the user does.Microsoft originally thought KinÊtre was headed down a different path.“When we started this, we were thinking of using it as a more effective way of doing set dressing and prop placement in movies for a preview,” Chen said. “Studios have large collections of shapes, and it’s pretty tedious to move them into place exactly. We wanted to be able to quickly walk around and grab things and twist them around. Then we realized we can do many more fun things.”And that’s exactly what KinÊtre looks like: fun. In fact, it would not be surprising if someone – possibly Microsoft itself – made this into a Kinect game. Consider the licensing possibilities: a home version of Fantasia, for example, or a Harry Potter-styled interactive adventure. While it’s great to see Microsoft turning Kinect into a tool for business and research, it’s nice to remember the original purpose of Kinect: games. 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Tags:#gaming#Microsoft#web Related Posts 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Have you ever wanted to dance a waltz as an animatronic chair? A surprisingly fun Microsoft research project released last week allows you to do just that – and lots of other aninmated tricks. Designed for computer graphics amateurs, KinÊtre taps into Microsoft’s Kinect technology to make the magic happen.KinÊtre, a Microsoft Research project that debuted at the SIGgraph graphics show last week, uses the Kinect sensor to “map” an object, such as a chair. Holding the Kinect sensor wand, the user walks around the object, capturing images of the object at a multitude of different angles. Kinect then stitches the composite together into a 3D image. You can even scan yourself, and then try on the body of a friend!“The idea is that we want to let you bring the world around you to life,” according to Jiawen Chen, the post-doc researcher in charge of the project. “We want to let you use Kinect for Windows and a PC and take arbitrary household objects and make them move like a cartoon character.”last_img read more

first_imgTodd LamirandeAPTN News Clarence Sumner drove over 2,300 kilometres, and spent the night across the street from 10 Wellington in Gatineau, Que, the country’s headquarters for Indigenous Affairs across the river from Ottawa to bring allegations of vote buying in his community.He wanted to meet Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan to see if anything can be done about the way elections are held in his community.“I want the leaders of this country to know I’m here,” he said.“I want them to know that the leaders of my community have a turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to try and be honest and do things fairly.”Sumner is appealing the 2017 election held on the Pinaymootang First Nation in Manitoba, where he alleges money is often exchanged for votes.“It’s a norm. it’s become a norm in my community to buy votes, mail in ballots preferably,” he said.Pinaymootang is located 240 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg.He met with two bureaucrats from Crown Indigenous Relations, Yves Dennoncourt, acting director of Governance Operations Directorate, and Marc Boivin, director of research Policy and Legislative Initiatives.They told Sumner they would follow up on his complaint.Sumner also delivered a copy of his appeal to Indigenous Services.He travelled all the way to Ottawa because he believes it’s more productive to meet people in person.“I believe that the minister (O’Regan) can better exercise his judgement if he could read some of the appeal.”Sumner successfully appealed the 2011 election when then Aboriginal Affairs minister Bernard Valcourt threw out the results and banned chief Garnet Woodhouse and three councilors from running for six years.But Woodhouse declared himself innocent of vote buying and appealed Valcourt’s decision to Federal Court.He was successful in 2013.APTN News attempted to contact Woodhouse for comment but calls were not returned.“Rather than being upset and getting mad at my leaders and my community I decided to use that energy to good and physically bring myself here in my own vehicle,” said Sumner.Sumner said he will stick around southern Ontario until September 16th to try and meet the leaders of all the federal parties. On that date nominations for chief and council will begin for Pinaymootang’s next election.“I’m out here because I believe that honesty will prevail.”Sumner never did meet with O’[email protected]@toddlamirandelast_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati and Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav on Friday paid tribute to Kanshi Ram on his birth anniversary.Paying floral tributes to BSP founder Kanshi Ram, Mayawati said that the biggest tribute to him would be to get “good results” in the Lok Sabha elections. “Different political parties are paying tribute to Kanshi Ram on his birth anniversary despite the model code of conduct,” the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister told reporters. She thanked the other political parties for saluting Kanshi Ram. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity!”I also want to tell the people of our party that this time his birth anniversary has fallen at a time when the schedule of the Lok Sabha elections has been announced,” she said. “If the workers of our party across the country work cautiously against the nefarious design of the opposition parties and bring a good result, then it would be the real rich tribute to Kanshi Ramji,” she said. Former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav tweeted, “A tribute to the leader Kanshi Ramji, a great thinker, who raised the political and social consciousness, on his birth anniversary. On this occasion, we shall fulfill his dreams of social justice.” The BSP, the SP and the Ajit Singh-led Rashtriya Lok Dal will fight the April-May Lok Sabha elections as allies.last_img read more