first_img BelarusEurope – Central Asia “We welcome opening of criminal investigation in Lithuania in response to our complaint against Lukashenko” RSF says RSF at the Belarusian border: “The terrorist is the one who jails journalists and intimidates the public” Help by sharing this information RSF_en Reporters Without Borders today hailed the announced reopening of the investigation into the October 2003 murder of journalist Alexei Sidorov but voiced concern that the local prosecutor’s office is still in charge of the case and reiterated its call for it to be transferred to the Russian Federation prosecutor-general.The reopening of the case was announced by Samara regional deputy prosecutor Evgeni Novojilov who, according to a report in the daily Izvestia on 14 February, said two new leads would be followed up that were unrelated to those previously pursued. He said one involved a well-known regional crime organization but he have no further details.While welcoming the reopening of the case as “positive” as far as it went, Reporters Without Borders said it again called on Russian Federation prosecutor-general Vladimir Ustinov “to personally take over the investigation in order to guarantee its transparency and objectivity.”The editor of the regional daily newspaper Toliattinskoye Obosrenie, Sidorov was stabbed by two men in the parking lot of his apartment building in the city of Togliatti on 9 October 2003 and died moments later in the arms of his wife. Aged 31, he had taken over as editor from Valery Ivanov, who had been murdered in similar circumstances on 29 April 2002.Before being named editor, Sidorov worked as an investigative journalist for the newspaper, and a few weeks before his death he had gone back to investigating organized crime.On 11 October 2004, local welder Evgeni Maininger was acquitted by a Togliatti court of Sidorov’s murder on the grounds of lack of proof. He had been accused of killing him in a street brawl. According to the official version, Maininger met Sidorov in the street by chance and asked for a loan to buy vodka. A fight broke out when Sidorov refused and Maininger allegedly stabbed him several times before fleeing and throwing away the murder weapon in a forest.After a fact-finding visit to Togliatti in October 2003, Reporters Without Borders expressed reserves about the quality of the investigation being conducted by the local prosecutor’s office. It was in October 2004 that Reporters Without Borders first asked Prosecutor-General Ustinov to take over the investigation on the grounds that the local prosecutor’s office was unsuited. News News to go further Follow the news on Belarus Receive email alerts May 28, 2021 Find out more June 2, 2021 Find out more News Organisation BelarusEurope – Central Asia In response to an announcement by the Samara regional deputy prosecutor that the investigation into the murderof journalist Alexei Sidorov is being reopened, Reporters Without Borders has reiterated its call for the caseto be transferred to the Russian Federation prosecutor-general. News May 27, 2021 Find out more February 18, 2005 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Sidorov case reopened but local prosecutor’s office still in charge Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown last_img read more

first_imgBy Morgan RoanUniversity of GeorgiaIt’s often hard to eat healthy when dining out. But healthy eating has become top priority for many Americans. And fast-food and other restaurants are becoming much more careful about limiting the fat content of the dishes they serve.”Go to the Web site of chain restaurants and look at the nutrition information for menu items before you go,” said Connie Crawley, an Extension Service nutrition and health specialist with the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences.”Knowing what you want before you go,” she said, “lessens the risk that you’ll order a less healthy item when you arrive.”If you want to dine out and eat healthy, follow a few tips to adhere to your low-fat diet.Ask your server for the list of ingredients and the preparation method for dishes you’re not familiar with.Ask your server to replace high-fat ingredients with more heart-healthy choices. For example, you may be able to substitute steamed vegetables or fruit salad for french fries.When ordering a salad or pasta, ask for the dressing or sauce to be served on the side. This will allow you to control the amount you add to the dish.When ordering pasta dishes, look for tomato-based sauces rather than cream-based sauces. They’re much lower in fat and calories.You can also request that the chef remove the skin from poultry dishes. If it’s not possible, do this yourself before enjoying your meal.When ordering grilled fish or vegetables, ask that the food either be grilled without butter or oil or prepared “light,” with little oil or butter.Ask for salsa with a baked potato instead of other toppings such as sour cream, butter, cheese or bacon. Salsa is very low in calories and a healthy alternative.Order sandwiches with mustard rather than mayonnaise. Mustard adds flavor and contains very few calories.Look for foods on the menu that are baked, grilled, dry-sautéed, broiled, poached or steamed. These cooking techniques use less fat in the food preparation and are generally lower in calories.Choose foods made with whole grains such as whole-wheat bread and brown rice.If you want a dessert, choose low-fat options like sorbet, fresh berries or fruit.Stop eating when you’re full. Listen to the cues your body gives you.Drink water, diet soda or unsweetened tea or coffee instead of regular soda or alcoholic beverages. This will save a lot of calories each day.These suggestions will help you make healthy decisions you won’t regret later.Here a few healthy choices if you eat at these restaurants:LongHorn Steakhouse: Sierra Chicken; Flo’s Filet; LongHorn salmon; grilled shrimp.Chili’s Grill and Bar: “Guiltless” menu; Margarita grilled chicken; lettuce wraps.McDonald’s: Grilled chicken Caesar salad with low-fat vinaigrette dressing; Egg McMuffin; hamburger; Chicken McGrill (without mayo); side salad with low-fat vinaigrette dressing; vanilla reduced-fat ice cream cone.Wendy’s : Grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad and fat-free dressing; Junior hamburger with a side salad and fat-free dressing; large chili with a side salad and fat-free dressing; plain baked potato and a small chili.Subway : Any of the seven subs with 6 grams of fat or less; Atkins Friendly Wraps.”If you can’t order one of these lower-fat items, at least consider sharing a meal or snack containing more fat and calories with a meal partner, or put half of the food into a … take-home box before you dig in,” Crawley said.”Even these healthier menu items may be more food than you need to eat at one time,” she said. “Make sure your stomach capacity determines how much you will eat, not your eyes.”(Morgan Roan is a student writer with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

first_imgIt’s hard to stand in the cathedral of the woods and reconcile its perfection with the injustice unspooling the world over. The last day of the Before was March 12. Since then my emotions and activity have been dramatically up and down, but the birds have remained constant. On bad days, when I feel I am slipping into delirium, I squint into the trees and wonder what they are saying. Theoretically I write fiction, though I haven’t done much of that lately. Instead I stuff imagined lines of dialogue into their beaks: It’s mating season—privacy please! Have you seen Tiger King? Baked amazing sourdough bug bread today.  I zip down long, empty hills, the wind whipping against me. It’s scary to be alive. It’s overwhelming to be in the privileged minority, still employed and healthy. I think of all the planes we aren’t getting on, all the barrels of oil we aren’t burning, all the places we aren’t going. We are stuck, right here, right now. There’s something comforting in not making any decisions, in the surety that if there’s dinner tonight, it will come by my hands.  I was raised Jewish but it didn’t take. At Quaker school I learned the reverence and discomfort of silence. The woods seem holy now, a sacred vault of sanity. The pervasive deep silence feels like a prayer, or maybe it’s the homily—stillness is here for you. The silence is so sharp that thoughts evaporate from my skull, blown away on the breeze.  On my lucid days, I know the birds have no message for me, for any of us, except maybe We were here long before you and we’ll be here long after. They are simply following their bird programming, living their best bird lives, regardless of us, in spite of us. Nature doesn’t need us or even heed us, just keeps on. Some days I think we are the dinosaurs.  I am lucky to live across the street from a park. Past the padlocked tennis courts and caution-taped playground equipment are trails that lead away from the world, toward soft earth and a burbling creek. The forest is deep, a place you can wander for hours if you need to, if, perhaps, you have nothing better to do. The woods are where I feel best these days. After an early rain, the freshly leafed trees glisten a technicolor, hallucinatory green. A heron in the creek, excruciating in its elegance and unbothered by human stares, raises and lowers its stick legs, walking through the water so slowly, so carelessly it seems to be mocking us with its beauty and calm.  I miss a few things hysterically. Hugs. Sitting outside on a cool spring night eating a burger with friends. Swimming laps in the pool, my most treasured way to work my body and soothe my mind. Instead of swimming I ride my bike through the nearly carless streets of our little college town. Campus looks like a deserted movie set, needing only 40,000 extras to seem real.  Unemployment, hunger, mortality. As society disintegrated, wisteria bloomed, thrilled our nostrils, died away. Then the pollen explosion covered our undriven cars and clogged our throats, until it too faded. Now there’s the sweet smell of honeysuckle, climbing across fences and bushes. The trees, broad and leafy, throw shade in the original sense, the one Southerners are grateful for every summer. The earth, though throttled off her axis these last decades thanks to our idiocy, is still here, dying and birthing as it always has.  One day at least some of our daily rhythms will reprise. We will gas up our cars and pursue our pleasures, which will drown out the wind through the trees, the birdsong. The excellent soundtrack of this long, sad, scary movie will be out of earshot.   The woodpeckers are as loud as jackhammers. A hawk nesting nearby sounds warning squawks all the day long. Then there are the cardinals, the bluebirds, the sparrows, a Greek chorus emitting a constant din of cheeps and trills and tralalalas as they pose on the feeders and preen in the birdbath. Around here, it’s an endless bird rock show. Cover photo by Julia Green I listen to them while I walk through the neighborhood, when I sit in my house and Zoom the job I’m grateful to still have. While I cycle through despair and hope, while this universal undoing unfurls, they sing on. We grieve our losses, material and abstract, one long global funeral. Chirp chirp chirp.last_img read more

first_imgWembley is affectionately known as ‘The Home of Football’ in England, but the stadium has played host to a number of other sports, including boxing.Fighters such as Carl Froch, George Groves, Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko have practiced the sweet science at the London venue.Indeed, it has become somewhat of a home for Joshua, whose last two bouts – against Klitscko and Alexander Povetkin – took place there. Wembley is in near-constant use through next April, May and June, with Joshua scheduled for another fight at the ground in April, which would probably rule it out for a fight between Fury and Wilder.However, with a capacity of 90,000, the appeal for promoters and fans is clear.Staples Center, Los AngelesWhile all the speculation has centred around potential venues in England, it is possible that the Staples Center in Los Angeles could be used again.The capacity of 20,000 means that it would hold considerably fewer people, but the design of the Staples Center means that it is a much more intimate arena. As such, it’s looking like a rematch is definitely in store as the fighters look to remove any remaining doubts as to who is the better boxer.As the details get ironed out, Goal takes a look at what we know about the Fury vs Wilder rematch.Who won the first Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder fight?There was no clear winner in the fight, with the judges returning a split-decision draw verdict.What that means is that one judge scored the fight in favour of Wilder, one scored it in favour of Fury and the other scored it as a draw.It was the first draw of both fighters’ careers, with each of them remaining undefeated.Judges’ scoringJudgeFinal score (Fury-Wilder)Alejandro Rochin111-115Phil Edwards113-113Robert Tapper114-112Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin scored the fight in favour of Wilder, while Canadian Robert Tapper felt that Fury had the edge. British judge Phil Edwards could not separate the two.The judges’ scoring drew criticism from a number of figures within boxing, with former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis arguing that Fury won the bout.”They need to get some good judges, these judges were terrible,” Lewis said on BT Sport. Getty Images Getty Images Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder was years in the making, but when the titans eventually collided, they cancelled each other out – officially at least.The fight, which saw the WBC heavyweight title go on the line, yielded a consensus that told of how ‘boxing won’, but controversy raged in the aftermath. Getty Images “It happened to me and I knew it was going to happen to him. Everybody could see who won. Boxing definitely won and Tyson Fury won the fight to me.”But that’s why you’ve got to go in and try and knock the other person out, especially if you’re not on home soil. You’ve got to make your fists be the judges.”Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren, was unequivocal about his view on the matter, suggesting that Rochin “got it terribly wrong.”“I thought Tyson won it by at least three rounds,” Warren said. “How the judge gave it the way he gave it I do not know, terrible.”When is the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematch?Given the contentious nature of the result, both fighters are eager for an immediate rematch in order to set the record straight.However, while the desire from both camps to fight again is not in question, it remains unclear as to when exactly such a match will take place.Wilder is believed to be willing to take a rematch as soon as March or April 2019, but the turnaround for those dates would appear to be too soon for promoters.Fury, meanwhile, has hinted that he would like to see the rematch take place in the summer, which would allow a few extra months for preparation and promotion.Where will the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematch be held? Getty Images Getty Images Home of one of England’s most successful clubs, Manchester United, Old Trafford will ostensibly be free for use during the summer following the conclusion of the 2018-19 season.The stadium, which holds roughly 75,000 people, is one of the biggest sporting venues in the UK and has hosted boxing in the past. The 1993 super-middleweight unification bout between Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, which attracted a crowd of over 40,000, took place at the ground.Recently, it was mooted as a potential venue for an Anthony Joshua’s fight against Alexander Povetkin, which ultimately took place at Wembley Stadium in London.Emirates Stadium, London As soon as the draw was confirmed talk turned to a rematch and Fury was in no doubt about where he wants to trade blows with Wilder. “I said to Frank Warren… he said ‘Arsenal’ and I said ‘no, let’s have it at Old Trafford!'” Fury later told BT Sport while in attendance at Manchester United’s game against Arsenal. “Hopefully we can have it here in the summer.”#WilderFury rematch at Old Trafford next summer? 👀🍿That’s what @Tyson_Fury wants!”@frankwarren_tv said Arsenal…I said Old Trafford!”🎙 @DesKellyBTS— Football on BT Sport (@btsportfootball) December 5, 2018With the first fight being held in the United States – Wilder’s native country – all the signs point to the rematch being held in the United Kingdom, which would serve the pre-fight narrative well.A number of venues have been suggested, but there has been no solid indication yet as to where it will take place.We’ve taken a look at some possible venues below.Old Trafford, Manchester While Fury clearly wants Old Trafford, Warren appears to favour the home of Arsenal, London’s Emirates Stadium, much to the chagrin of the Manchester United supporter.Warren himself is an Arsenal fan, which may explain his insistence on the Emirates as a venue for the rematch.The Gunners’ ground hosts around 60,000 spectators and has been touted as a potential venue for a number of fights in the past, including some involving the likes of Ricky Hatton and James DeGale.Wembley Stadium, London How to watch Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematchWith details still being established, we do not know exactly which networks will be broadcasting the rematch.The first fight was shown live on pay-per-view by Showtime in the US and BT Sport Box Office in the UK and Ireland.It was available to stream live online on DAZN in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.last_img read more