Gauging the value of center Tyson Chandler has never been the easiest basketball exercise.The 17-year veteran has made his name in the NBA as a stellar rim protector, earning the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2011-12. But looking solely at his work on the defensive side of the ball would be selling him a bit short, given how well he has served as a lob specialist and a vertical floor-spacer in pick-and-roll situations.And then, of course, there’s the fact that Chandler — the newest member of the Lakers after a buyout from the Phoenix Suns — is perhaps the best player in NBA history at securing rebounds … without actually securing them.The cerebral 36-year-old has long excelled at what should be known as Tyson Tapbacks: volleyball-like plays in which he swats his club’s misfires toward half-court, where his teammates are more likely to come up with the ball. FiveThirtyEight reviewed every offensive rebound Chandler has obtained since the start of the 2013-14 season1Regular season only. and found that he has generated at least 140 tapbacks in that span. In other words, about 15 percent of his offensive boards during the past five-plus years have stemmed from this play.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.The natural question, of course, is how someone would become so good at such a counterintuitive skill, given that players would obviously prefer to grab misses with both hands. Chandler has suggested that he stumbled onto the strategy.“Once I started getting double-teamed and boxed out, I realized, ‘OK, I can’t get to my full jump — I’ll be getting over-the-back calls all the time,’” the 7-foot-1 Chandler wrote in The Players’ Tribune a few years back. “So I started jumping like I do on a jump ball and batting it with one hand to my teammates. Now it’s funny because I see other big men do it.” In the same piece, Chandler also mentioned that rebounding that way likely cost him from a statistical standpoint for some years, as scorekeeping officials probably weren’t initially crediting him with boards for his backtaps.2With this in mind, FiveThirtyEight’s analysis covers only plays in which Chandler was credited with having snagged an offensive rebound.Chandler, who’s used this method for the better part of a decade, isn’t alone with his unusual, hard-to-track rebounding style. The move is a distant cousin of a strategy employed by Hall of Famer and NBA rebounding legend Dennis Rodman, who would often tip rebounds to himself while in traffic until he could secure the ball. Retired Pistons star Ben Wallace, also one of the best rebounders of all time, used the strategy every so often, too. And players like Brook and Robin Lopez have collected defensive accolades in recent years despite grabbing relatively few boards because they box out so well — an unselfish approach that boosts their teammates’ rebounding stats.Chandler certainly doesn’t lack ability as a traditional offensive rebounder. He’s still elite at generating offense from teammates’ misses — his career offensive rebound percentage ranks third among active players — and he has finished in the NBA’s top 10 in putback frequency3Tracking the share of a player’s offense that stems from a shot attempt immediately after securing an offensive rebound. Minimum of 75 putback possessions required. each of the past three seasons, according to Synergy Sports.It’s worth noting that not all of Chandler’s tapback efforts will be successful. (Laker fans, of course, have fond memories of the sport’s most infamous tapback, when Vlade Divac tipped the ball out to Robert Horry, who hit a game-winning three in the Western Conference finals.) Every now and then, he may toss one out of bounds by mistake, or throw one into the hands of a defensive player who happens to be in better position than one of Chandler’s teammates.But there are indications that Chandler’s tapback rebounds may carry a bit more weight than a typical offensive rebound.Chandler has already displayed clutch timing with his signature play — he’s come up with huge tapbacks already for the Lakers in the last four minutes of games against Miami, Atlanta and Minnesota. But the play also often creates high-value shots for teammates because of how flustered it leaves opponents, who have already crashed the defensive glass and aren’t in ideal position to run out and contest perimeter shooters.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.An analysis of Big Data Ball play-by-play logs shows that the offensively challenged Suns launched shot attempts a tenth of a second quicker than league average — and shot 3 points of effective field goal percentage better than usual4Going from a 43.4 percent effective field goal rate to a 46.5 percent effective field goal rate. — following a nonputback offensive rebound while Chandler was on the court5So excluding attempts that were within 2 feet of the basket or within 2 seconds of the offensive board. last season. The improved efficiency may have been at least partly due to the extra space shooters enjoyed from Chandler’s occasional tapbacks.And while the one-time All-Star has already proven his worth to the Lakers, who have gone 5-1 since signing Chandler, there are reasons to think that they could benefit from more of the Tyson Tapback. Entering Tuesday night, the club ranked ninth in jump-shooting6Meaning shots ranging from 10 to 35 feet. efficiency when the closest defender was at least 4 feet away. By contrast, the Lakers rank 21st when defenders are any closer than that, according to Second Spectrum. So it might be best for Los Angeles to get more open looks from outside.With time, the Lakers could even benefit from better understanding Chandler’s tapback patterns. In December 2012, Chandler told his teammates on the Knicks during a late-game timeout against the Nets to be prepared for him to tap the ball toward the perimeter on a miss.“I told the guys before we went out there I was getting grabbed and held down. I said, ‘I can’t come up with the rebound, so be ready. Don’t run away so quick because I’m probably going to get my hands on it and tap it out. So be ready to retrieve it,’” he said. Then, like clockwork, Chandler tapped out a rebound to get the Knicks an extra possession, and Jason Kidd — who had won the 2011 title in Dallas with Chandler — hit a game-winning triple on the next sequence.So while Chandler’s 3 points per game might make it easy to overlook his impact on that side of the ball, keep in mind that his value — even on the offensive end — generally goes far beyond that.Neil Paine contributed to this article.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, August 29, 2017 – Grand Bahama – Minister of State with responsibility for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson recently toured the ongoing work at the Fishing Hole Road bridge.Accompanied by Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Iram Lewis, and officials from the Ministry of Works, Minister Thompson got a firsthand view of the progress of the bridge, which is being constructed by All Bahamas Construction Company Limited (ABC).The tour of the work was led by All Bahamas Construction Company Project Manager Wolfgang Geiger.  Senator Thompson toured the buildings that will be the new Cultural Village; they toured the boat ramp and then moved to where the base of the bridge has been constructed.“We are satisfied with the progress that has been made on this bridge and we are working with the contractor to ensure that the project is completed in the shortest period of time,” he said.Senator Thompson urged members of the public to remember that the area surrounding the Fishing Hole Road is a construction site and therefore must use caution.  He noted that while touring the site he personally observed drivers passing at high speed.“The Ministry of Works, as well as the Grand Bahama Port Authority held a series of meetings about the work taking place on the bridge, and safety concerns was one of the primary issues addressed at the meetings,” said Senator Thompson.“There have been a number of additional measures that have been put in place to address those safety concerns.  Residents will be aware of additional signage and caution cones put in place to remind members of the public that this is indeed a construction zone.”Asked about the expected completion date of the project, he pointed out that once all of the concerns expressed by the contractor have been addressed, the date of completion could be early January 2018.Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works Iram Lewis noted that from the Ministry’s point of view, he wanted to ensure that all of the technical aspects of the project were being carried out effectively.“Working along with the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s technical department and the City of Freeport, we are satisfied that all of those technical requirements have been met,” said Mr. Lewis. “We are here on a regular basis carrying out inspections to ensure that all safety measures are being taken.“I am satisfied that at the end of the day we will have a good project that’s going to make a difference on this island.”Contractor for the Project, Wolfgang Geiger said he was pleased to have the government officials visit the site and assured members of the public that his company was doing all it could to ensure that the new bridge was completed as quickly as possible.The cost of the project is approximately $7 million dollars and Geiger is confident that they will stay on budget, even in the face of a few minor adjustments.“The Cultural Village, which was the first stage of the Project, is completed and the bridge itself, we have completed all of the pre-cast elements for the bridge and so what we’re doing now is assembling those pieces to make a complete bridge,” said Mr. Geiger.He said that the project presently has ten workers on site (because they’re in the assembly phase), but hopes to hire more as the project moves closer to completion.Story by: Andrew Coakley (BIS)BIS Photos/Vandyke HepburnHeader Photo – Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson (second from left), along with Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Hon, Iram Lewis (third from left) gets a rundown on the work being carried out on the construction of the new bridge at the Fishing Hole Road, by Project Manager, Wolfgang Geiger (second from right) of ABC Construction.1st insert – Members of the public are being urged to drive carefully while passing on the temporary road at the construction site of Fishing Hole Road bridge.2nd insert – Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson, along with Mr. Iram Lewis and officials from the Ministry of Works meet with members of the press following a tour of scope of works on the new bridge at Fishing Hole Road. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

center_img MIAMI — A cruise vacation is all about relaxation but trying to figure out what to pack can be a source of major stress for passengers. Between daily activities, shore excursions, themed nights and of course a few extra ‘just-in-case’ outfits, suitcases soon tip the scales.Cruise lines such as Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Carnival Cruise Line all offer plenty of packing advice on their websites and in printed materials. First-time cruisers can also get inspiration from friends, Pintrest and Instagram.For passengers who like to dress up, cruise lines such as Princess Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, Seabourn and P&O Cruises UK provide lots opportunities on formal nights. Passengers should always feel comfortable, no matter what they wear, said Fern Mallis, founder of New York Fashion Week.“Something sparkly is always a good bet,” says Mallis. “I recommend for travellers to stay focused, stick with one colour and maybe accent with a shawl or some bold jewelry.”On Princess Cruises ships passengers can check out fashions from The Shops of Princess, as modelled by the guests, during The Runway fashion show held in the atrium. All passengers can sign up to be a model. The fashion show is part of the line’s Style at Sea program, offering fashion and beauty tips in partnership with TLC.More news:  Carnival Cruise Line enhances HUB app for families and youthWhen it comes to accessories, more is better, says Mallis. “Most people don’t leave the house without lipstick on. I don’t leave the house without accessorizing.”Here are a few more packing tips for cruise clients:Consider the destination. Weather is key.Always have a sweater or shawl. Even in the tropics, air conditioning and nightly breezes can be chilly.For every voyage, always remember the Triple S: Sunglasses, Sun hat and Sunscreen.Along with a fancy pair for gala events, bring comfortable shoes or sneakers to wear on shore excursions.If you’re flying, be aware of weight restrictions, go with lightweight fabrics to get more items in those suitcases.Check the cruise line’s website pre-sail for what-to-wear recommendations, including mention of any themed nights.Once onboard, take note of suggested nighttime attire for gala events and certain restaurants from the daily newsletter.Save space in luggage by skipping items such as pool and beach towels, which are provided shipboard.Check the cruise line’s list of prohibited items, and leave them at home!Keep essentials including passports, medicine, glasses and cruise documents close at hand in carry-on.To keep clothing items fresh and wrinkle-free, pack with tissue paper or plastic dry-cleaning bags. Rolling clothes such as t-shirts and underwear helps save space.Cruise ships provide onboard dry cleaning, pressing and laundry service and many also have self-serve facilities with washers, dryers and irons, making it easy to perk up clothes.Plan a family or friend photo ahead of time. Bring matching outfits or dress up and have the onboard photographer snap a memory.Buy local jewellery and accessories from the ports, a memorable way to add colour and something unique to every outfit.More news:  Apply now for AQSC’s agent cruise ratesVisit for more details. Travelweek Group How to dress sharp onboard: Packing for a cruiselast_img read more