first_imgDid you expect a season as complicated as this?We face the season with optimism despite the difficulties. This is making us a stronger and more united team. And it’s nice to overcome all that together. When you consider a season you know that there are always ups and downs with good times and others not so much. That is part of football.After the click of losing the promotion against Deportivo, that communion with the fans predicted another less tortuous path.The fans since that day support us more. It is an honor and pleasure to feel your support despite the difficulties. It is to be thankful. The fans are with the team. Despite the adverse circumstances, he has continued to show his support and affection for both players and coaches. Rarely has something like this been seen.It is a source of pride for both us and the fans because the fact of being united has a positive impact on the team. It makes us better soccer players. They see that we strive and give our faces for them.Is there fear of descent?We do not think about the descent. At least I. We think about improving and working every day and that way we will try to get as many points as possible.When there are difficulties, the quarry always appears to the rescue. All a saving heritage.Good sign that Málaga works well in the quarry. There is a good level. They go out and face. It strengthens us and puts the batteries.What do you think about Antoñín?Very good player! It is fast, overflows and has audacity. That is what an attacking player is asked for. He is helping with some goals to the team. We want to keep it that way.Hugo Vallejo leaves nothing less than Real Madrid. It’s so good?I have always liked it a lot. We have trained together since last season and the kid has very good conditions. That he does very well because he is a great player.Which is the canterano that has surprised you the most?Hicham It seems to me a player that overflows easily. It has a twist, a change of pace … it is very difficult to catch it in training. It has a lot of repertoire. Fast and versatile Very good.What is sometimes put left-handed is a nuisance?I always try to help the team in any position. As if they have to put me forward! I always try to comply with the coach’s orders.Always central?In juveniles it was far left. Now central.Last year at this time the Ausburg wanted to sign him. It offered 4.5 million euros. He remembers?I remember. It was in the previous winter market. I decided to stay here. And the truth is that I am happy.Did they talk to you?There were contacts. My ‘rep’ told me they were interested and wanted to do it soon. I told him that my decision was to stay and the truth is that I don’t regret it. I wanted to stay in Malaga and that’s it. I don’t regret it.Another that loved him was Granada (he has finally signed Vallejo). There is Diego Martínez.Diego Martínez is a coach who has marked a before and after in my career because he bet on me very strong in Sevilla Atlético. We did two great seasons with him and learned a lot. I wish him well. He is a great coach. It covers a lot about the game and interprets everything very well. He is a very intelligent person. Whenever a team loves you it is a compliment. But I am focused on Malaga. Very hard all this has happened with Victor.I imagine it is a difficult situation. And being a public person has had an impact.Many differences between Victor and Pellicer?They are two good trainers. I have been with both very comfortable. They are similar because they make you feel comfortable.And Pellicer? Will you stay until the end of the season?The costumes have welcomed him from the first day. We feel comfortable and he with us. If it will stay? There I do not decide but the leaders. He is doing a good job. He is very qualified because he does his job very well.Luis Hernández is in marshal plan.Luis is always fine. It is very good central. I like very much. It is a pleasure to play with him.And Juande? Another canterano that has been released with the first team or that is also central.I knew him from the workouts. He always does well. Serious, correct and well placed. I also know him from the University, he goes to my class,What are you studying?Psychology. We enjoy in the classes.And do people recognize you in class? Do they give him a lot of charcoal?I am one more and I try to go to my ball and make friends and enjoy what is important about the classes. Many times people don’t realize that I play football because they consider me a normal kid.What does it take to be a good psychologist?Have a feeling with people and know how to connect with them well, try to listen actively and understand their problems, what happens and try to help. But really, not with empty words. Understand the problem and help in some way.Let’s talk about Mirandés, tomorrow’s rival.They won 0-3 in Girona to one of the best teams in the category. That says a lot about them. We will have to take it as a very serious rival. I agreed with Matheus, the striker, in the Granada branch (Recreativo de Granada in 2015-16). We already had a complicated game there.How is life in Valencia doing for his countryman and friend of Chiclana Manu Vallejo?I think it’s fine, enjoying minutes. He’s doing fine. It has potential and being in Valencia already has reason to be proud.How do you see about Cádiz, which has ceased to be a leader?This is the Second B. It is very difficult to always be at the same level. Teams that are looser reinforce.Malaga is the least thrashed of Second.It makes us happy. But you have to improve many aspects, generate more goals.Do you think that Malaga can aspire to something more than permanence?It always points high. But the situation is complicated and we have to gradually emerge from these positions. I always say. Any match is three points, no matter what rival it is.A second footballer who has surprised you?I really like Luis Suarez, the one from Zaragoza. I think it’s a very powerful forward. It catches my attention a lot.And the race for promotion, how do you see it? Does the economic potential that Almeria is developing in this tremendous season catch your attention?I don’t know why, but I would say that Zaragoza is going to be up. Almeria is having a very good season, scores many goals and is very solid.Good luck.Thank you.Assigned in U21 with CeladesDiego González signed for Málaga in the 2017-18 season. The Costa del Sol team paid Seville two million euros, with the Sánchez Pizjuán entity reserving a purchase option for five million euros in the first three campaigns. Diego, who still has a year of commitment in force, was a member of the U21 National Team at the stage of the Valencia coach, Albert Celades.last_img read more