The World Health Organization (WHO) based its decision on information detailing the spread of SARS beyond the province’s capital of Taipei, which came under the advisory two weeks ago.As of yesterday, Taiwan had reported 383 cases and 52 deaths from SARS, surpassed only by China with 5,248 cases and 294 deaths, and Hong Kong, with 1,718 cases and 293 deaths. Worldwide, SARS has infected 7,919 people, of whom 662 have died.WHO travel advice is issued to reduce opportunities for further global spread of SARS, a new disease first recognized in late February that has spread along the routes of international air travel.Current travel advice, whereby WHO recommends that people consider postponing all but essential travel, are now in effect for several areas of China, namely: Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangdong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Taiwan and Tianjin. read more