Purpose-built coach total6312.5%5128.2%739-6.8% Purpose-built double-deck coaches >16t0-100.0%2728.6%3748.0% Purpose-built coaches 3.5t to 16t40.0%30-21.1%40-47.4% Purpose-built single-deck buses <8.5t50.0%70-20.5%99-10.0% Purpose-built single-deck coaches>16t5915.7%4559.9%662-4.3% “The bus and coach market dropped 30.6% in June this year. Although coaches posted a 12.5% increase in the month, the overall purpose-built bus and coach total fell 39.5%,” said Wendy Williamson, SMMT Bus and Coach Manager. “Last year the 2012 Olympics led to a sharp rise in registrations for the first half of the year with volumes falling after July. This should see registrations for the second half of 2013 level off, stabilising for the end of the year.” Purpose-built single-deck buses >12t to 16t61-30.7%399-7.6%809-4.3% UK bus and coach registrations: 2013 and % change on 2012 Purpose-built bus total240-46.1%1441-22.8%2686-19.4% Bus and coach registrations fell 30.6% to 636 units in June.Overall registrations declined 21.3% for the first half of the year to 3,861 units.Converted bus registrations fell 20% to 333 units.Video analysis Purpose-built bus and coach total303-39.5%1953-16.5%3425-16.9% *Converted: Bus <3.5t48-7.7%347-19.7%78522.8% *Converted: Bus 3.5t to 8.5t285-21.7%1560-26.8%2846-9.5% Purpose-built single-deck buses>16t22-29.0%188-26.6%41812.1% Purpose-built single-deck buses >8.5t to 12t3057.9%149-1.3%32712.4% June% changeYear-to-date% changeRolling year% change *All buses and coaches636-30.6%3861-21.3%7058-10.9% Purpose-built double-deck buses122-59.6%635-32.4%1033-39.7% *Converted: Bus >8.5t001-66.7%2-81.8% *Converted bus total333-20.0%1908-25.6%3633-4.3% * All vehicle manufacturer-built minibus registrations are included in the converted bus <3.5t category.** All converted bus volumes are counted in the SMMT van and truck news release. These vehicles are also represented here as they form an important part of the UK bus and coach marketClick through to download the June 2013 bus and coach registrations news release and data tablesClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more