Rabat – In its 2018 annual report, published Wednesday, September 11, the Moroccan Court of Auditors criticized the budgetary and accounting management of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics, and Water.“The Ministry does not have a clear policy or written measures defining the responsibilities and the annual qualitative and quantitative objectives for the rationalization of expenditure at the administrative level,” says the report.The Court of Auditors also made numerous observations on the ministry’s overestimation of prices in purchase orders. Read Also: Court of Auditors Reveals Shocking Lack of Food Safety in MoroccoThe ministry has apparently purchased “32 GO Kingston USB” storage devices for MAD 720 per unit.  The devices are sold on the market for MAD 200 maximum. The Court also pointed out the purchase of “HP Color Laserjet Toner CP52255” at a unit price of MAD 16,800, while its market price does not exceed MAD 2,000.”In the same report, the ministry replied to the Court’s observation on the purchase of printer toners at MAD 16,800, saying that “this price concerns 4 cartridges per lot in A3 format and not in A4 format; the A3 cartridges’ unit price is MAD 3,500.”The ministry’s response added that “ the prices included in the order form have been especially adopted after consulting three suppliers.” As for Kingston 32 GB USB storage devices, the ministry explained that the price paid, estimated at MAD 720 (MAD 600 Tax-Free), is “the price of a high quality storage memory made of unbreakable metal and not that of normal storage memories with a limited lifespan.” The ministry again mentioned that “the order forms were adopted after consulting three suppliers.” read more