Rabat – The European Council of Moroccan Oulemas (CEOM)  an Iftar (fast-breaking) banquet in Brussels on May 14. The council hold this event annually for the Belgian Muslim community.The gathering took place at the Marriott Hotel in Brussels and  attracted a range of high-profile figures, including diplomats, politicians, religious figures, and a host of Moroccan religious leaders.Attendees gathering around the table for IftarAs the council’s secretary, general Khalid Hajji highlighted that the gathering aims at strengthening the principle of coexistence, peace, and prosperity among all members of society. The gathering started off with recitals from the holy Qur’an before Moroccan officials took to the stage to address their thoughts to the assembly.Read also: Ramadan is Not About Boulimia but About Caring and SharingSalah Echallaoui, president of the Muslim Executive of Belgium (EMB), said that the role EMB has always been to champion  “social openness” for Belgian Muslims and to promote the principles of tolerance and togetherness. Samir Eddahr, Morocco’s embassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, addressing the assemblyIn turn, Samir Eddahr, Moroccan ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, took the floor to highlight King Mohammed VI’s commitment to promoting the principles of fraternization and tolerance among all nations. He added that, through the Maliki school of thought, Morocco spreads the universal values by which Moroccans have lived for centuries.Read also: Former Moroccan Salafist: Makeup Doesn’t Nullify Fasting read more