The German Chancellor’s offer was announced at a news conference following his meeting with Mr. Annan. The two also took questions on the fight against AIDS, the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, the G-8 Summit, the UN Small Arms Conference and the Middle East.On the Kyoto Protocol, which will be the subject of reconvened negotiations in Bonn next week, the Secretary-General said that there was enough scientific evidence to “wake us up and let us take action. Each day we fail to act we are putting the earth at risk.” The Secretary-General began his day with a breakfast with German President Johannes Rau.Afterwards, Mr. Annan went to the Freie Universität, Berlin’s largest university, where he received an honorary degree and delivered an address on racism. “Intolerance is a many-headed monster,” he told the students. “Its victims are diverse, and include women, migrant workers, indigenous people, minorities and those whose political views are deemed objectionable.” In the afternoon, the Secretary-General met with Parliamentarians to discuss the Middle East and the Balkans. His talks with the Economic Minister, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, covered AIDS and the Millennium Summit follow up. Mr. Annan’s last appointment for the day was with former Federal President Richard von Weizsacker. The Secretary-General then traveled to Geneva, where he will address the high-level segment of the UN Economic and Social Council on Monday. read more